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My Sunday So Far

Today during the early part of my day, I just let my mind wander a bit while surfing some sites dealing with action figures, comic books, film, scripts, etc. It is good to just quiet the mind at times and let my thoughts drift wherever they want to go. I also watched most of a biography on Christian Bale on The Biography Channel. All of that was just a way to decompress my brain and clear out the "mind clutter" if you will.

After that, I went into the bedroom and did a bit more cleaning. Interesting that I cleaned out my cranial cobwebs first and then cleaned out some physical clutter. I think this whole process is helping me get back in touch with my sense of fun, which has been sorely lacking in my life lately. When I'm working, I get so focused on the things that I have to do for work, that I forget to make time to just "be" or to let myself veg out or play. I really need to learn how to balance work with my down time so that I can make time for *both* every day.

Interestingly mom and dad found Muppets from Space on HBO Family West and are sitting in the living room watching it. I also turned my TV to it and I am sitting here laughing myself silly at the beloved characters that I grew up with.

Good times.