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It's Official...

I LOVE to shop...


I went grocery shopping with my folks today. We were running a bit low, and since they are on a limited income now, I promised them that I would pay for everything on my plastic.

My Mom and I went in. Dad stayed in the van and waited. I get my love of shopping from my Mom. We like to actually take our time and look at stuff. My Dad goes in, gets what he wants, and is out of there.

Mom got everything she needed, and some things that she needed, and I bought some things for myself too.

The final tally $231.83

We have enough food here to last until AUGUST....LOL

When we checked out, we went to the cashier that my Mom knows, and we had the line all to ourselves. It took TWO bag boys to help bag everything...They were cute too. :)

It was an enjoyable trip. I hadn't been grocery shopping in a while.

And to close, this is a note for my potential significant other's...

We're BOTH gonna need a good income...LOL


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Jun. 22nd, 2002 07:31 am (UTC)
Piggy Pig pigg!!!! Snort!!!! LOL
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