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More Pondering of the Financial Crisis

I found the following quote from a CNN.com story (you can read the full story here) very interesting:

"Waxman also showed a chart that detailed what he said was $480 million in compensation since 2000 and pointed out that Fuld owned a $14 million oceanfront home in Florida, an extensive art collection and another home in Sun Valley, Idaho.

"Your company is now bankrupt, the economy is in a state of crisis, yet you get to bring home $480 million," said Waxman. "Is this fair, when the CEO of a company that's bankrupt has made that much money?""

Fuld did not answer. He instead attempted to downplay the quoted amount of $480 million. Since he did not provide an answer, I will provide one instead: Hell no it's not fair!!! The majority of that money should be taken out of his pocket and paid back into the system. His greed and inability to engage in simple mathematics is part of what caused this entire mess to begin with. He should be held responsible.  I'm so completely sick of inept and greedy CEOs looking only to pad their own pockets, the rest of the country be damned. The sad part is, he may get a slap on the wrist, IF that, while the rest of us are working our asses off in an attempt to create the kind of life that good, honest, hard-working families deserve.