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Weekend DVR Roundup Part One

I've spent a few hours this weekend catching up on my DVR'ed shows. I've got three watched so far:
  1. Crusoe - Quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. I hope it gets picked up for a full season.
  2. True Blood - It gets better with each episode. If Sookie ever decides to stop seeing Bill, he can pay me a visit anytime.
  3. Raising the Bar - This Monday is the season finale.  It's a good show, but it could use some work. Some of the emphasis needs to be taken out of the courtroom and placed on the personal lives of the characters. Show what they are like at home. This would make the show more well-rounded.

After True Blood, I stopped watching the DVR long enough to watch a TV show *live.* I watched the 2-hour series premiere of Legend of the Seeker, a series based on the novels of Terry Goodkind and produced by the same team behind Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. I have never read any of the novels by Mr. Goodkind, but the series is great. I can see myself adding this one to my DVR automatic recordings list. It's a good thing that Raising the Bar is airing its season finale in two days. That will give me more room on the DVR and more time to watch a show.