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Weekend TV Viewing Part One

Today's DVR and TV viewing has been:
  1. Raising the Bar - This was the season finale episode. Apparently, the series will not return until next summer. The show ended rather well though, with a few interesting setups for next season.
  2. Crusoe - The sight of the title character in a red outfit was enough to make this episode watchable for me, but the show keeps getting better and the actor who plays the title character is really good.
  3. Inside Edition - I watched the October 28th episode that I had recorded.
  4. Legend of the Seeker - This one was on broadcast TV and not DVRed, but it was really good. Only the third episode and I'm hooked.
  5. True Blood - I am most certainly hooked on this show, and I found out during the previews for the next episode that there are only three more episodes left. I'm a bit sad about it. It could be on every week year-round as far as I'm concerned. I would love to be an actor and/or writer for this show.
I may also watch tonight's season premiere of Dr. Who on BBC America.