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Taco Bell Friday

I am still improving cold-wise, although I will probably have this hacking cough for the next month, and today's cold and rainy weather is playing havoc with my sinuses. Although, as Ron White's dog Sluggo says, "It's gon' be a good day 'tater."

I'm mostly excited to be getting my weekly Taco Bell fix. I didn't get anything from there last weekend since I was spending time with a friend (and trust me, if you are my friend, you will be thankful that I don't get Taco Bell when I'm spending time with you, but I digress)

My haul today will consist of:
  1. Cheesy double-beef burrito (new item that I want to try)
  2. Bacon cheddar gordita crunch (new item that I want to try)
  3. 7-layer burrito
  4. Steak bowl
  5. Chicken bowl
  6. Cheesy fiesta potatoes
  7. Pintos and cheese

No, all of this will not be consumed at once.The first three items will be consumed for lunch. The chicken bowl and pintos and cheese is dinner tonight, and the steak bowl and cheesy fiesta potatoes will be lunch tomorrow. Nom nom nom.

In other news, since the holidays are over, my journal has returned to its normal style.