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Etta James and Celebrity Ego

I just saw a story on our local newscast about Etta James' rant against Beyonce and President Obama because Beyonce performed a rendition of Etta's classic song At Last at one of the inaugural balls. I happened to be watching the ball in question as it unfolded on television and found Beyonce's performance to be almost equal to that of the original. Beyonce sounds A LOT like Etta, so she was a very good choice to play her in Cadillac Records. Now before I address how I really feel about Ms. James' diatribe, let me say that I love her music and she is indeed a GREAT performer. I feel the same about Beyonce. Unfortunately though, Etta's reaction has left me feeling the following:
  1. She sounded like a bitter old woman who was just upset because she wasn't invited to the party. It came off like a child throwing a tantrum on the playground.
  2. She is slightly hypocritical considering her last CD (released in 2006) is a collection of covers of OTHER PEOPLE'S SONGS. Her rendition of Prince's Purple Rain is *almost* laughable. You shouldn't point fingers at others for doing the VERY SAME THING that you have done as well.
  3. Given her stature within the industry, she should have shown a tad bit more class, instead of spewing bile and bitterness. I would have actually liked to have seen a duet between her and Beyonce. That would have been the "best of both worlds" if you ask me. I lost some respect for her because of how she reacted.
  4. You would think she would be THANKFUL for all of the (FREE) publicity she has been getting lately, what with the release of the film and Beyonce's performance. Ever heard of being grateful that your music is still being played DECADES after the original release Etta? Everybody does not have the luxury of popularity at your age, and if I'm being honest, up until this story broke today, I thought you DIED in 2007.

You blew it Etta. You should apologize to both Beyonce and President Obama. After that, you should FALL ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FORGIVENESS from your fans, while you still have some left.

Maybe this weekend I will write about my thoughts on the latest Christian Bale blowup. Suffice it to say, I am SOOOOO over celebrities/entertainers with over-blown egos and concepts of self who have stopped being thankful for what they have.



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Feb. 7th, 2009 01:25 am (UTC)
Tell it like it is, girl!
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