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The Lotus Flow3r is Blooming

Today His Royal Badness, Prince, releases his new 3-CD set available exclusively at Target. The set consists of two CDs by Prince, Lotus Flow3r, and MPLSound, plus a third CD, Elixer, by his new protogee, Bria Valente. The 3-CD pack is available in Target stores and online at Target's Web site. By the way, when I checked the Target site, it was telling a lie, it stated, "This product is not available in stores and is only available online." Not true. It is available in Target stores and on the Web site.

The CDs are also available as downloads on Prince's new Web site Lotus Flow3r. For a $77.00 yearly fee, you get access to all three CDs as downloads, as well as other exclusive content, including older music and videos, with more content forthcoming (yes I am a member).

The CDs are great. I haven't received my physical copies yet, as they won't ship until tomorrow, but I've downloaded the copies from the Lotus Flow3r Web site. There are a few differences in the downloads versus the CDs. There are a few different songs on each kind. So if you are a true fan of the music, you need both.

Go out and get it today!!!