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My general feeling about last night's show is that the judges have become a bit hypocritical in following their own rules with regards to the new "Judge's Save." In the episode in which this twist was revealed, it was *clearly* stated that all decisions *must* be unanimous. Last night's decision was made by Simon, and he even stated that 2 people wanted Scott to go and two wanted him to stay. That's hardly unanimous.

Simon also made the decision the week before with regards to Megan the previous week. So, the judges are breaking their own rules.

If I were the producer of the show, I would venture so far as to stipulate that regarding the "Judge's Save," a unanimous decision is *mandatory.* One person alone *cannot and will not* make the final decision and in situations where the judges cannot reach a decision, the audience can vote (based on the contestant's "save me or dump me" performance) via the regular phone numbers with the decision being revealed at the beginning of the next show.

When this is over, Adam will be the winner, with Matt or Allison coming in second.