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My Monday So Far

Got up at 10:45 a.m.

Mom is away at the doctor, so I watched Episodes Three and Four on my "Tales of the City" DVD. Only two more episodes to go. I will probably watch them on Wednesday.

Rocky is taking me to get my chair fixed tomorrow. He said we will probably go out to lunch/dinner when we get done. There is a new Mexican restaurant here that I want to go to!!!

Speaking of which, I haven't had lunch yet.

Any suggestions?


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(Deleted comment)
May. 12th, 2003 11:42 am (UTC)
I had Subway on Saturday. I always get the heathly stuff from there. I had a Tuna sub on Honey Oat Bread and a Southwest Turkey Bacon sub on White Bread.

I love all kinds of foods. It's just that my Mom, God bless her, always buys the stuff that she grew up on at the grocery store. She is not that much into cooking new healthy dishes because that tends to get expensive and they are on a limited income. She cooks the old standbys. Actually she and I both like to try new stuff, but my Dad doesn't like to expand his palette. (Of course, my Dad also couldn't cook if his life depended on it!!! LOL)

I try to eat healthy when I can. :)
May. 13th, 2003 09:20 am (UTC)
I'm having the guy that works on your chair hide a remote control console in it...and he's giving me the handheld controller! Muhahahahaha!!!

Okay...jk...Lub ya, Tommy!
May. 13th, 2003 02:41 pm (UTC)
You DO realize that I use a manual chair don't you?

BW is EVIL!!!!!

May. 13th, 2003 06:14 pm (UTC)
You're meant to think it's manual! Who am I kidding? I'm a wuss...the only thing I'd use that for is to bring you to me! Hugs!!
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