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Weekend is Over...

Had a rather simple weekend.

On Thursday, I ordered dinner from Papa John's Pizza for Mom, and Dad, and me. Mom didn't really feel like cooking. I got the "Family Special." One pizza with "the works" and one pizza with two toppings. I also ordered some chicken strips for myself. I had not tried them yet. I was a bit disappointed. They were not as good as some others that I have tried lately. I did enjoy the sauce that I chose to get with them: buffalo. Hot and spicy!!!! YUM!!!!

Friday: I was just lazy most of the evening after work. Took a three-hour and 40 minute nap, watched a bit of TV, and then called Mikey and The Mouse.

Saturday: I spent some time listening to the radio, and some of my CDs, specifically Shania Twain, Britney Spears, and Prince. Yes, I sing along. LOL

I watched "Piglet's Big Movie" on Starz!. It was cute. I did not really have intentions to watch it. I just started channel surfing and stopped on it. I ended the evening on the phone with Mikey and the Mouse.

Sunday: Did some paperwork, and cleaned a bit. Then I watched "Sex and the City" with the Mouse and "The L-Word" with Mikey.

Which brings me to today.

It snowed here last night. we got about 4-6 inches. So, thanks to that, I don't have to work today. I normally don't get "President's Day" off.

I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow for my yearly checkup. I'm not sure if we are going yet. Depends on how bad the roads are.

I'm ready for spring/summer. I'm tired of cold weather.