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I Just Have One Question...

Everybody who voted for Jasmine Trias over LaToya London and Fantasia Burrino in "American Idol..."

What the FUCK are you thinking?

I don't see how ANYBODY could POSSIBLY think that Jasmine is more talented than LaToya or Fantasia. Granted, Jasmine IS talented, but she gave the worst performance last night, and still has A LOT of work to do before she can even pretend to be in the same league as LaToya and Fantasia. Jasmine deserved to leave the show tonight, NOT LaToya.

Apparently people must think this is some kind of popularity contest. This show is about TALENT. Jasmine does not have the charisma, stage presence, OR vocal ability needed to be an "American Idol." Clearly, LaToya and Fantasia do. They have had it from day one. They own the stage. Jasmine does not have it.

Granted, with more practice and some maturing, Jasmine could get there, but she has a LONG way to go.

I really did think that the final two were going to be Fantasia and LaToya. Not only are they the most talented, but, it is obvious from their performances that they have worked hard and built themselves up and are READY for this.

Diana is getting to that point herself, but, I'm sorry, Jasmine just is not ready. She does not have it.

Yes, I'm shocked and I mean TRULY shocked that Fantasia and LaToya were the bottom two, and of those two, LaToya was sent home. That was just WRONG!!!

I don't know who is doing all of the voting for Jasmine, but you need to step away from the phone, because you clearly do not know what is needed in this competition.

Okay, that's the end of my rant.


That felt good.

Maybe I should rant more often.