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The Wake-Up Time for Today Is...

2:07 p.m.

I was going to go into work today to clean up my office and get rid of some things that I no longer need, but I've had a sinus headache since late last night. It came on all of a sudden, but it is probably because of the storm front that was passing through our state.

Who else (besides myself and mikey89) is watching "More Tales of the City" and "Further Tales of the City" on Showtime? I've already seen "Further Tales of the City." The network will start airing those episodes on Tuesday, June 22. This was the first time I had ever seen "More Tales of the City." That series is out-of-print on VHS and DVD.

Mother Mucca just cracks me up. I would have loved to have appeared in the whole series of shows.

From a creative standpoint, I have been writing a bit more than usual. It feels good to have my creativity flowing again. It seems like it always ebbs and flows.


I'll be glad when this front has moved through and it is sunny again.
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