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It's Been a Musical Week

This week, iTunes has been running a promotion called Remember the 80s for Under $8.00.  I checked it out on Tuesday. That was a BIG MISTAKE!!! I must be reliving my youth a bit, because I've downloaded several of the albums that they have available. All of them are only $7.92 each too!!! Not a bad haul:

1. Private Dancer - Tina Turner
2. Thriller - (Special Edition) [Remastered] - Michael Jackson - has 21 tracks.
3. Heart - Heart (currently playing as I type this) - Hee.
4. Different Light - The Bangles
5. Working Class Dog - Rick Springfield - Yes, the one with "Jessie's Girl"
6. Colour by Numbers - Culture Club - Has "Karma Chameleon," "Miss Me Blind," and "Church of the Poison Mind"

I already had the albums by Heart and The Bangles on vinyl (remember LPs?). This is the first time I've owned digital copies of any of the above items though.