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Am I THIS Much Out of the Loop?

I was watching I Want That! Baths on HGTV earlier today. This particular show showcases the latest in technology and design for bathrooms.

I have put a lot of thought into the kinds of things that I would want in my own house if/when I get one. One of the things I would like is a shower (with built-in benches, natch) that has a dual shower-head system in case anybody gets inspired to join me in the ritual of cleaning.

Now, a comment made by one of the builders just struck me as funny in the show today. He was showing off a new bathroom with a double showerhead, one on each side of the shower. The builder's comment was "This shower is equipped with a dual showerhead. This is becoming commonplace since everybody showers together nowadays."

When did I miss the memo letting us know that EVERYBODY showers together now? LOL.

Is that true? Does EVERYBODY shower together now?

Granted, I wouldn't have a problem taking a shower with SOME of my friends, but I don't think I would want to shower with ALL of them.

My last question is, have any of you ever showered with a friend or friends? I'm NOT including hanky panky or any of THOSE activities in here mind you. Just a simple shower. Nothing else.

I'll screen comments on this one so that you can answer honestly and confidentially.  Hee.