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To the Producers of "The View..."

Gayle King and Sherri Shepherd are guest co-hosting "The View" today. Barbara Walters is off today. So, the panel today is Gayle, Sherri, Joy Behar, and Elisabeth Hasselback. Gayle was also guest co-host yesterday when Barbara was on.

PLEASE hire BOTH Gayle and Sherri NOW!!! This show would be great if both Gayle and Sherri were on. They bring so much good energy to the show.

I'm also tempted to say, please can, dump, dismiss, and otherwise fire Elisabeth Hasselback. She really works my last nerve with her ignorance and  self-righteousness.

"The View" could quite possibly win an Emmy if Gayle & Sherri were co-hosting. Today's show is actually GOOD, and lets face it, the show has not been good since Rosie left.

Which brings me to something I was thinking about recently. What does it say about "The View" and what goes on over there, when they can't hold on to a member of the panel for a long time? Over the ten years of the show, they've lost Debbie, Lisa, Star, Meredith, and Rosie. Is the backstage atmosphere really THAT bad?